The getYOteam Process

If there’s one thing that sets us apart from other app development companies out there, it would be the kind of partnership that we create with our clients—we take them seriously.

We work side by side with any client, whether a beginning entrepreneur or an established corporation, to make it sure that each detail of how they envision their desired web or mobile app would be executed according to their business objectives.

We follow industry requirements as we anchor our work specifications on Agile Development. Here’s how we address your needs and put it into design materiality.

The getYOteam Process




Quality Assurance


Release to Market


Stage 1: Brainstorming

It all starts with putting your plan into perspective. In this stage, we collaborate with you in the planning of your desired application and the development of software. Here, we take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the project by looking into the user expectations on whether your product is new or a modified one.

In this case, we would identify the necessary specifications for your product from appearance to capabilities to interactions with users. With your own choice of members to form your team for this project, you can select from our licensed and certified getYOteam workforce who would create that dream app for you.

Stage 2: Design

Stage 2: Designing

Once the meticulous planning has been carried out, it is time to put that plan to work. Our team players, which you have selected for the project, would set up the structural design and the software architecture for your desired app. It is vital that we create for you a prototype in order to test the concept for your project before going full force into the development of the product.


Stage 3: Developing

Stage 3: Developing

This is a very crucial stage of the process as we conduct several iterations. Iterations, by the way, are periods to demonstrate running-tested-software. What does this mean? This gives you and us a chance to enhance the usability and functionality of a working software. This gives you an avenue to give your feedback and for us to track progress of the software.

Stage 4: Conducting Quality Assurance

This part involves testing and documenting errors. Most importantly, debugging is an essential task during this stage as it allows our team to spot and fix the number of bugs, aka defects, in the software that has been constructed for your product. This would then give you and us a look if the software behaves in the way that it is expected to do so.


Stage 5: Deployment

Also known as implementation, roll-out or go-live, deployment would be the most exciting part for you and us. Why? This is now getting your product ready for the market. This involves getting the software up and running correctly in its environment and making necessary changes. This is one of the best features of Agile software development since we can still incorporate changing requirements even in the last part of the development of the product.

Stage 6: Release to Market

This is the part where we make your money, time and effort worthy. As exciting as it can be, we take pride and we celebrate the success of your product as it is your and our vision too. Most importantly, we would continue our partnership with you as we implement consistent maintenance of your app from the time of its release to its continuing functionality in meeting the needs of its users.


So, let’s talk. We love to hear from you and put your dream product to successful materialization. You may get a free consultation and quote from us through or or you can give us a ring at +91-7622043449.

We are looking forward to creating your mobile application and making it the next BIG thing!